20 Best Tall Indoor Plants - Large Houseplants for Easy Care

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Create a jungle-like feel indoors with these easy-care large plants you can shop online. Succulent

20 Best Tall Indoor Plants - Large Houseplants for Easy Care

A beautiful indoor plant can dress up any room by adding color, texture and dimension to the space. While you can't go wrong with succulents and other small houseplants like spider plants, a tall indoor plant can offer a different level of visual impact. They're especially popular for framing windows, sprucing up the office and filling empty corners. For those looking to add a pop of life to their abode, see below for our list of best tall plants for indoors that also happen to be easy to maintain. Some options require low, indirect sunlight (like the ZZ plant), while others, like the majesty palm and bird of paradise thrive in bright, direct sunlight. We've also included some of the best Feng Shui plants that may bring a dose of good fortune (hint: the money tree).

To make it easier to pick a plant that works for you, we included the pros and cons of each one — so you'll know whether your pick requires frequent watering, tolerates low-light conditions, is safe for pets or helps to purify the air. And for more indoor greenery options, consider these trendy indoor trees that are just about as tall and beautiful as these plants.

If kept indoors, your Meyer lemon tree must be in the brightest part of your home. They love warm and humid climates and prefer well-drained soil. Despite their slow growth rate, with proper care, you may see your lemon tree grow as tall as 10 feet.

Otherwise known as the dracaena marginata, these ornamental houseplants have slim candelabra-shaped trunks and spiky leaves with hints of red. Indoors, they'll grow to about six feet tall, making them striking additions to your greenery collection.

Keep this tall plant in a space where it'll receive tons of indirect sunlight — next to a large, sunny window with a sheer curtain, for example. The fiddle leaf will flourish in stable temperatures and is ideal for a bedroom or bathroom.

Also known as the sansevieria plant, snake plants have sword-like leaves that'll make gorgeous additions to modern decor. Although they grow well in indirect sunlight, they can withstand full sun and low light. They're ideal for the bedroom, since the tall branches produce oxygen at night.

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As the Hawaiian ti plant grows, you'll notice the bottom leaves starting to drop — resembling a more tree-like structure that's just as eye-catching as when it arrived. They're known for bringing good luck and are perfect to grow in sun-filled spaces.

The bright green foliage of live Norfolk island plants makes them great picks during the Christmas season. You can hang lights and ornaments from their branches without worrying how fast they'll wither. They can thrive for years in your home and rarely reach five feet in height.

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These flowering plants have long, narrow leaves that grow like stalks of corn — making them known as "false palms" for their palm tree appearance. They're low maintenance and can grow up to six feet tall in containers.

Native to the rainforests of Colombia and Venezuela, peace lilies have shiny leaves and rich white flowers. They are known for being great air-purifying plants that can adapt to low light. Keeping them in bright, indirect light will guarantee you see their stunning blooms.

With their long feathery fronds that arch in the form of a crown, it's no wonder this palm is known as majesty. They thrive in bright, indirect light and require watering every one to two weeks. Use a potting mix with proper drainage and a plant mister to boost humidity. With the right care, it'll grow up to 15 to 20 feet tall.

Native to Central and South America, the money tree, also known as pachira aquatic, grows between six and eight feet tall indoors. They are considered one of the best Feng Shui plants for good energy and wealth, and have shiny green leaves that symbolize the five elements of balance: earth, fire, water, wind and metal.

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Great for displaying on the patio, porch or indoor garden, alocasia dawns have large heart-shaped leaves. You'll find that the green and white tones are unique and come in multiple patterns and variations. When fully grown, they can reach three to five feet tall, so they're sure to stand out wherever they are placed.

The braided benjamina ficus tree is known for its braided trunk and weeping leaves. They enjoy bright, indirect light (at least six hours a day) and environments with high humidity.

Despite its name, the ponytail palm is neither a palm nor a tree — it's a succulent! It's known for being a forgiving plant that can survive two to three weeks without water. Place it in bright indoor light and keep the soil fairly dry between waterings.

Olive trees are delicate, simple and long-lasting. They have small, grayish-green leaves that flourish in bright, direct sunlight. Keep them by your south- or west-facing window and add them to floral centerpieces.

Based on Feng Shui principles, placing rubber plants in corners helps to soften sharp angles. They have shiny, thick leaves with hints of red and black tones, and can grow six to 10 feet tall indoors.

The banana-like leaves on the bird of paradise are an attractive feature that makes them stand out. They love bright, indirect sunlight (at least six hours a day) and require constant misting during the spring and summer months.

As they age, cat palms get fuller and bushier. You can place the lush plant in your office, living room or any space that provides bright but indirect light. When kept indoors, they'll grow up to three feet tall.

Add a tropical touch to your indoor decor with croton plants. Their leaf colors range from red and yellow to orange and pink. They'll grow up to six feet tall and need partial to full sunlight to flourish.

Also known as banyan trees, ficus audreys have emerald-green leaves and thick stems. Although they love bright, indirect sunlight, they can handle being in minimal direct sun and other unfavorable light conditions.

Air-purifying ZZ plants are popular for their ability to thrive in many different conditions. They have waxy green leaves and large, potato-like rhizomes that store water underneath the soil. Keep them in medium to bright, indirect sunlight, like by a south-facing window, for proper growth.

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20 Best Tall Indoor Plants - Large Houseplants for Easy Care

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